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Just because she’s the bride doesn’t mean she has to know everything you have up your sleeve for her hen party. Here are some fun and clever ways you can surprise your hen and add to her hen party excitement.

Memory Book

Give the bride a lasting memento of her hen weekend by asking every guest to contribute to a memory book. Have them draw or write whatever they feel best represents their relationship with the bride-to-be, then bind it all nicely and present it to her as a keepsake on the night. It’s an easy way to get everyone involved in making the bride feel super-special.

Special Service

Book a naked butler in Brighton or London to attend to her every need. She’ll love being treated like royalty as much as she’ll appreciate our buff butlers’ bodies. Our butlers don’t just look amazing, they’re absolute professionals who are as capable o whipping up a cocktail as they are at posing for a life drawing, and they love to party.

Mr and Mrs

The Mr and Mrs quiz is always a fun way to break the ice. Instead of reading out answers from her spouse-to-be, film them and play it back at the hen weekend. If you’re clever enough with live-streaming you could play this simultaneously with the bride on her hen night and the groom on his stag do.

Pre-Hen Pampering

Turn your night-out preparations up a notch and arrange for a hair and makeup artist to get your hen ready at her home or hotel. It’s a lot more relaxed having them come to you, and means you can get stuck into the bubbly that much earlier.


If your hen thinks you’re travelling by taxi, hire a limo. If she thinks you’re going in a limo then make it a spectacular one like a converted fire engine. Hen nights are all about having fun and drawing attention the bride and nothing says “look at me” than more a fire-engine full of women on a hen night!

About Face

Prime all your guests by secretly giving them a mask printed with the bride’s face on it. These could be all the same mask or, depending on how much she likes a selfie, everyone could have a different version of the bride. They could be wearing them as she walks through the door or guests could put them on as a surprise later in the night when she goes to the bar or loo.

Secret Surprise

Depending on how well you know the bride and how much she trusts you, why not consider making the entire hen event a surprise? Have her complete a questionnaire before you plan anything so you know what she would like, but throw in a few rogue questions like “how do you feel about Peter Andre?”, or “what would you do if you and your ex were at the same bar?” just to confuse her a little.

Making the extra effort to organise a surprise or two will show your bestie how much you love her, and how excited you are for her forthcoming wedding.

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