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Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life and you will not want it any less than perfect! That is why having a wedding survival kit is an absolute necessity to make sure that your big day runs as smoothly as it can. This will totally ensure that you will avoid any mishaps and prevent anything turning into a disaster. Therefore, here at the Hen Fairy, we will help you get prepared by coming up with the musts for your own wedding survival kit.


Perfume and Deodorant

There is nothing worse than thinking you smell and not having anything to freshen up! This item is truly vital to your kit as you don’t want to feel uncomfortable on your big day. I mean the likelihood is you will get sweaty, especially if it is a hot summers days and obviously all those nerves and excitement will heat you up. However, you won’t need to panic about your scent if you have your favourite perfume by your side and a good deodorant.

Classy Woman with Perfume


Tying the knot generates lots of emotions, so be prepared to cry, laugh and stress. Therefore, there is no doubt about it, a pack of tissues is a necessity. They will wipe all those tears of happiness whilst you weep as you marry the man of your dreams.


Gorgeous wedding shoes are sure to rub on the big day, so be sure to plaster up your feet to avoid any blistering and pain. You really don’t want to be in discomfort whilst dancing the night away, so be prepared with the plasters. Also, they are ideal to have incase you do cut yourself, because red blood on a white wedding dress is a no go!

Sun Cream

If you have a gorgeous hot day for your wedding, then lucky you! But as much as you want to enjoy the sun, you should also think of your skin! A SPF will definitely be needed when enjoying the rare sunshine. Luckily though, most foundations contain SPF’s but it’s always sensible to bring some sun cream along, especially if you are prone to burning.


Allergy Tablets

If you are an allergy sufferer then the last thing you want is for your allergies to flare up on your wedding day! A runny nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing will not only make you uncomfortable for your wedding day, but it will also not look great in your priceless wedding photos! So keeping some allergy tablets handy in your survival kit is an absolute must!


Concealer is great way to conceal your under eyes and cover up any unwanted spots! It is also perfect for your survival kit, as if any of your mascara runs, you can clean it up and make your face look flawless again!

Wedding Survival kit!

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