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Valentine’s Day Themed Wedding

Why not wed on the most romantic day of the year? Valentine’s day symbolises the celebration of love, passion and relationships. This certainly makes it a perfect day to tie the knot, whilst making V day an even specialer day to celebrate every year. Getting married on this day is ideal, you can commemorate your love with all your friends and family, have your honeymoon after the January blues and truly enjoy each other’s company!

You may think, however, that February is not a practical day to become man and wife, the weather is going to be drab and most likely it will be freezing! But, there are also many advantages to marrying at this time year. So, here at The Hen Fairy we have created the ultimate guide to wed on valentine’s, from the decor to the dress and of course the pros!

White Wedding dress


Red and White Theme

Red and white is such a classy theme and it ties in beautifully with valentine’s day! You can start off your theme with red and white invitations to send out to your guests, add hearts and roses for that authentic valentine feel! Then, you can go crazy at your venue, with the balloons, table covers and good bags!


You can have an utterly special indoor venue for February, as it is winter after all, your theme can incorporate the season as well as the holiday. Enjoy marrying in the colder season with having a manor or a barn, and of course a warming open fire!

You are also more likely to be able to wed in your preferred venue in February. As availability is freer, as well it probably being cheaper.


Flowers are a must at weddings, and roses would obviously be the perfect choice for your valentine themed one! You can have roses scattered all over your venue,as decoration for the cake or just for a beautiful bouquet for your bridesmaids.

Red roses


Red Velvet Wedding Cake

If you don’t want to have a traditional wedding cake, but instead one that fits in with your valentines theme, a red velvet cake is the perfect option. Not only are these cakes absolutely delicious, they also look stunning with their red colour. Or if you prefer the more modern option of cupcakes, you can have divine red velvet cupcakes for you and your guests! Yummy!


Obviously have your bridesmaids in red and you in white! Personally, lacey or even velvet dresses are perfect for this season, they look so very romantic for February and are perfect for beating the winter winds.
An advantage is that your are less likely to sweat in your dress from the heat! So you can keep on looking perfect throughout the wedding.

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