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Having a hen party before the big day is definitely all part of the “getting married” experience, so why not expand that experience to a whole weekend? This is a perfect way to have a relaxing few days with your besties! You can also fit in all those activities you’ve been longing to do but thought you wouldn’t have time! Why not during the day practice those moves at a pole dancing class and then during the night watch the breathtaking show by Addonis? For the next day you could enjoy being pampered at a spa and then why not in the evening be waited on by a gorgeous Buff Butler?

Hen parties are such a huge part of wedding culture and that is all the reason to create a memorable weekend that you and your hens will be reminiscing on from years to come. Hen party weekends also don’t need to break the bank! If you’re still not convinced then let me list some more fabulous reasons why you should have a hen party weekend..

It’s a great way to catch up with all your old friends

A night is absolutely not enough time to have a proper mingle and a cocktail with all you friends! Especially, if there are some friends you haven’t seen for ages, then a hen weekend is an absolute must as it is the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect and look back on the old times! After all, you may have invited some old school friends and a few hours wouldn’t be enough to have a good old catch up. It’s also an excuse to get back in touch with those friends and rekindle your friendship, which a hen weekend would absolutely do! In addition, it’s a great way to bring your bridesmaids closer that don’t know each other very well!

Top reasons why you should have a hen weekend!

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