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The perfect night in will obviously involve all of your favourite friends, a few glasses of wine (or bottles) and the comfort of the indoors. With winter fast approaching, the weather is sure to drop into an icy coldness that will leave you and your ladies having nothing better to do than hibernate! That is why having a night in is an absolute treat as you can wrap yourself up cosy in the warmness of your home! It really is the ultimate way to spend some quality time with all your favourite girls and whilst you will be spoilt with their company, there are some essentials to your night to think about it to make it that little bit more perfect!

Movies and TV

A perfect night in is incomplete without a movie or two! I mean can you really have a girls night in without movies or a TV show marathon? Come on, with the beloved Netflix and Amazon Prime available, you can binge watch all your favorite episodes of Friends until the early hours of the morning! Or you can watch all those classic romances again and reminisce on when you first watched them at the cinema! Remember that oldies and goodies, so you can always whack on Greece on your big screen or even Pretty Women! So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and grab the popcorn!

Time for You - 7 Essentials for the Perfect Night in


A night in with the girls can be spiced up with some party games! Games are a great form of entertainment and will definately get all your friends involved as well as having a bit of a giggle! A pack of cards therefore always comes in handy during this occasion or you can even bring in some classics such as cards against humanity! A little book of drinking game ideas is also a classic, and if you want to turn your night into a boozy one, then that’s the perfect way to do it!


Pajamas are an absolute necessity at your night in! Who doesn’t love getting snug in their pj’s and dressing gown? You and your girls can all get comfy in some fluffy pj’s whilst you watch what’s on TV or play some great games! There really is nothing better than a pajama party! If you really want to add the fun, you could even get some matching pj’s or have some animal onesies! These will also look fab on some great pics!

Wine and Cocktails

Obviously a night in is incomplete with a few drinks in hand! Having a bottle of wine, or even a a few bottles of wine are just an absolute necessity! If you are planning your girly night in during the christmas period, you could also opt for some warming mulled wine or ciders! Or get fancy with a cocktail maker who can create some some classy concoctions for you!

Blue Cocktails

Blankets and Pillow

You and your friends need to be comfy during your night in! So, getting the necessities of pillows and blankets to warm you up is a must! You and your friends can enjoy being all snug with a few glasses of wine and have a gossip!


Great Music

We all love a sing along to some absolute classics and listening to some great tunes with your friends, it really can’t get much better than that! You can even set up your own karaoke station, turn up the ABBA and have a few glasses of wine! You and your girls will have an absolute treat listening to some fab tunes!


Lighting candles creates the perfect ambience for your girls night in! You can even have scented candles to create the perfect mood of relaxation for you and your friends! Candles really are a great way to rewind and catch up with your girls!

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