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The struggles of knowing what to bring to a hen weekend are a nightmare! You know you can’t take your whole wardrobe with you, but you also know when outfit deciding, the one dress you’ve forgotten is the one piece of clothing you will want to wear. Clothes are only the beginning of your worries, there are so many other little things to remember! Therefore, there is definitely a fine art to packing for a hen do.

However, at the Hen Fairy, we are here to take your stress away by having creating a guide of essentials that you will need to put in your suitcase. Because, trust me there is a lot to remember!

The Survival Kit

From pounding heads to aching feet, hen parties come with their little inconveniences! However, you can prevent these inconveniences from  getting in the way by sticking with this checklist and keeping up with your fellow hens.

Comfy Clothes

With fancy, going out clothes on your mind, you might forget to pack your favourite sweats. However, these are as important as that sparkly dress. When you’re feeling a little ill and hungover, the first thing you want to do is lounge in the comfiest clothes you have and you really don’t want to make yourself feel worse if all you have is uncomfortable clothes!  So pack tracky bottoms, hoodies and loose tops, for those chill out, lazy, recovery days. They will also come in handy when travelling.  

First Aid Kit

You should pack a first aid kit in case of an incident and also for the inevitable! Painkillers will definitely come in handy for the throbbing head the next morning, plasters to prevent your new shoes blistering and antiseptic cream for any cuts or scrapes. You might not use them all, but they will take up very little space in your suitcase  and could come in really handy.

Quick Fixes

Unfortunately, you can’t fit an extra pair of shoes with you for when your feet start to ache or bring your our whole skincare routine into your luggage. So quick fixes are ideal for your weekend away! Grab some gel inserts to prevent achy feet and use face wipes for a quick  clean face. Concealer is also the perfect quick fix when you mascara starts to run.

The Hen Party Accessories

Obviously, you will need to leave room in your case for all the fun and fab hen party accessories! These are an absolute must in making your celebrations truly unique and embarrassing the bride to be

Props, Decorations and Games

Hen props and decorations are absolute essential and are the core of the hen party, just make sure they are packed securely into your case, so that they don’t get damaged! Games are also a necessity, with hen parties bringing together different  friendship groups and families members, it is important to break the ice. Games such as Mr and Mrs, fun dares and more are sure to get the party mingling in no time.

Fancy Dress Outfits

If you have a hen party theme, then obviously the most important thing is to pack either your fancy dress or themed outfit. Whether you decide to go all-out fancy dress for your hen party, or something more subtle such as sashes, T-shirts or a colour theme. Either way, an aspect of your outfit that unites you as a group is a must. It will definitely comes in handy when in busy bars, because you will be able to locate your hens more easily!

Hen Party Soundtrack

A girlie night out is incomplete without a soundtrack of all your favourite tunes! Therefore, you better prepare by creating the ultimate hen playlist for your hen celebrations. From the classic 80 tunes to the ballads and the bangers, you will all be wanting to sing and dance your way to the best hen party weekend ever!

Food and Drink


Hopefully, you have organised at least some of your meals on your weekend away. However, it is always a good idea to have some emergency snacks ready for when your stomachs start to rumble. Chocolate should definitely be in good supply, especially for when you and the other hens are feeling peckish.


Another essential item to be packed into your suitcase are drinks! These again should be in good supply to last you and your hens for the weekend. Make sure you have a bottle of wine and also your favourite spirit and enjoy those pre drinks before you go out on the town.

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