June 21st 2018-National Wedding day!

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Save the date! National Wedding Day is on Thursday June 21st and it officially classed as the kickoff to the wedding season! With summer springing into action, so is the season of weddings. The sunny months are the most popular time for couples to tie the knot and have and june the 21st marks the start of the big white weddings. National Wedding Day is therefore the perfect time for the Hen Fairy to celebrate all things marriage. Therefore we have created the summer wedding guide.

June 21st 2018-National wedding day!

Keep your guests comfortable


Hand out favours such as sunglasses, parasols and fans before you ceremony to ensure your friends and family are comfortable in the heat. These also add a nice little touch to your wedding and can be brought reasonably cheap.


Have Refreshing Beverages


On a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than a chilled white wine or a cool cocktail. You can keep your guests happy with ice cold drinks as no one wants to sip on a  warm drink on a sweltering day.

Champagne anyone?

Heat Resistant Flowers


You’ll want to chat to your florist about flowers that hold up in the heat and won’t wilt in high temperatures. Cacti and succulents are sure to withstand even the steamiest of wedding days and will give your wedding that authentic look. Roses or sunflowers can also handle the warmer weather and will look beautiful at your wedding.

A beautiful bouquet

A Fresh Color Palette


A lighter wedding palette full of pastels or bold colours looks best at summer weddings compared to darker colour schemes. White wedding with hints of bright colours look incredible pretty and light blues can make your wedding look cooler. You should figure out what works well in your venue, but avoid the heavy tones.

Light Meal


As it is summer, opt for a light tasty meal, such as a fresh salad, grilled fish or chicken. Include summer vegetables and a refreshing starter to help keep your guests cool.

Light lunch

Tasty Wedding Breakfast


Airy Fabrics


For your wedding and bridesmaid dresses airy flowey gowns will keep you cool. Even having light materials for the grooms suit is a good idea and will keep everyone happy. As a sweaty bride and groom does not make good pictures.


Summery Hairstyle


Have a hairstyle that will withstand the heat and not turn into a frizzy mess. You should also try and avoid having hair on your face and neck to ensure you are kept cool and looking fab for those wedding photos. Braids are beautiful look, that will keep you fresh as well as looking chic.


Serve Water


Serve chilled water with pretty slices of lemon, lime or oranges in. Water will keep you guests chill and can look pretty by coordinating with your wedding colours.  Guests also love having fresh, ice-cold water brought to them throughout the event, especially when it is hot!


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