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landing_peopleNot every bride wants to party with her friends dressed in pink fluffy hen night accessories. If you couldn’t think of anything less “you” than walking around with a glittery tiara and sash here are five fantastic hen party do themes to celebrate your inner geek.

Harry Potter

With a little imagination a Harry Potter themed hen night will be magic. Start with invitations that look like the Marauder’s Map (solemnly swearing you will be up to no good!), pinpointing key people on there like the bride and the groom. A good alternative is a Harry Potter Book cover with the contents page listing details of the night.

Dressing up and accessories can be a sexy school uniform look. Start the night by giving your guests a small bottle of “Liquid Luck”, and base your cocktail list on the colour of the Gryffindor Houses or the names of spells. Call a mixology session “Potions Class” Finally, let hens know if you are hiring a male stripper or naked butler with a sexy Sirius Black “wanted” poster.


Red drinks are definitely on the menu at a Twilight themed hen party. Give your hens badges which state their allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob. Play games like pin the kiss on Jacob with a large poster of Edward Cullen and either cut out lip shapes, or by having hens put a lipstick kiss where they think his mouth is. Drinking games could include drinking a forfeit shot of something red when a certain word is said. Decorations should be crimson, black, and white, and can include chess pieces and life size cardboard cutouts of Edward and Jacob.

Star Wars

Star Wars women are strong and sexy. Take costume inspiration from Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, and Rey. Use the force and dress as a Jedi, or go slightly left of centre as a droid or Wookie. You can have great fun with photo accessories, using masks and lightsabers to get into character. Do an “across the universe” themed scavenger hunt, or have a competition to see who can get the funniest or most inappropriate photo of themselves in their fancy dress on the night.


The sky’s the limit at a superhero hen do. Bold guests can go all out with superhero costumes, while more reserved guests can get into the spirit with a mask. Make it your mission to find men who look like superhero alter egos, such as Clark Kent or Tony Stark, and either get a photo with them, or invite them to help the bride-to-be complete a dare. Ask guests to contribute a “bucket list” item for the night, then have the bride to select six or eight at random and tick as many off as you can.

Hen dos don’t have to be about pink glitter and plastic penises if you don’t want them to, but they should definitely be different from a normal night out. Picking a theme which matches your bride’s personality is the best way to ensure she has an amazing time.

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