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Hen Fairy Personalise Your Hen PartyYour bestie is getting married, and it’s your turn to organise the hen party. You’ve booked the VIP booth or your life drawing model – the only problem is that so many of your friends have got married lately that your timeline is full of photos from parties that all blur together. Personalise your hen party and make it stand out with these fun ideas.


You can easily print individual tattoos using paper bought online or from craft shops, but if you’re not very creative or you want something in glitter or metallic ink, then opt for a custom hen party tattoo. Temporary personalised hen party tattoos are widely available online from places like Etsy and Not On The High Street, and can be customised to suit your needs and are a funky way of linking your party together.


Custom buttons are an inexpensive form of identifying members of your bridal party with the added benefit of being a sweet hen party favour. Choose an appropriate picture of the bride, or simply use text to announce that it’s their hen party. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be an effective way of identifying people in your party.


Surprise the bride-to-be by having masks printed with her face and having your guests put them on at a random moment. Unless you want to fall out with the bride, be kind and use a photo that’s flattering! Alternatively, have masks printed with the groom’s face. Numerous online companies print customised masks, usually with a minimum quantity of ten.  

Vests & T-Shirts

There won’t be any mistaking whose hen party you’re at when you’re all wearing vests and t-shirts that show it. Having everyone wear the same type of top is a fab way of giving your guests a shared link. It is especially useful for people who may arrive on their own because they will immediately be recognised and welcomed into the group. If possible, give the tops out before your party or hen weekend so that guests can style them how they want.

An alternative to arranging a top for everyone is to send guests an iron-on transfer you can print on transfer paper at home, or have printed for you. It’s light and easy to post and will give guests the option of choosing their preferred style and colour of top.


Not every hen weekend has to be a big night out in Brighton. Sometimes you might want something more refined, like a champagne tea party complete with naked butler, or a life drawing class focusing on a hunky nude male model. The perfect accompaniment for any tea party is a cake, and what better way to celebrate than by putting the bride’s face on dessert?


Kit your guests out with printed canvas totes and fill them with all the necessary things for a hen weekend away. Suggested items include headache tablets, fizzy vitamins, and full-fat cola for a hangover cure, wet wipes, chewing gum, hair ties and hairpins, temporary tattoos, chewing gum, safety pins, and anything else you can think your guests will appreciate.

These ideas will leave people in no doubt which bride-to-be has the best hen party planner!




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