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A hen party is unaccomplished without a girly gossip, a lot of laughter and even more wine! So why not delve into one of our exclusive wine tasting experiences? Wine is the perfect drink to have with your hens and whilst the alcoholic beverage is scientifically proven to improve your sex life and not make you fat (unlike its spirit counterpart beer), it’s probably a good idea to drink up.

This activity raves sophistication as well as being a lot of fun. You will be delighted by the laid back environment where you can rewind with your friends whilst wine tasting. You and your hens will also be thrilled with the delicious variety of samples you can quench your thirst with. This is also an ideal afternoon activity to bring together groups of people who may not know each other very well. Wine tasting will act as the perfect icebreaker as devouring this delicious drink will be something that all your guests have in common.  

Our wine tasting experience will definitely get the party started and ensure that everyone’s ready for a fun evening ahead. You’ll also learn a lot about wine, whilst drinking a lot of it! Your afternoon can’t get any better than, spending time with your girlfriends and sipping on some fine wine.

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