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Chocolate making is a scrumptious activity for you and your hens to do in the afternoon. Now, I think it’s fair to say that every woman’s secret indulgence is chocolate…and we love to devour plenty of the smooth and succulent treat. Did you know that the smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation? Whilst eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by ⅓. So chocolate doesn’t have to be your guilty pleasure, as it really does have health benefits. Now if you are a chocoholic, then this is the perfect activity for you and your fellow hens to do. Not only will you get to make your own sensational chocolate that you can personalise, you will also be drinking classy chocolate martinis that taste just as good. We don’t think it could get any better than that!

During this 2 hour class you will learn all there is to know about chocolate making by a fun and friendly teacher. Your understanding of this tasty treat will be further expanded by your guide and you will learn how to perfect the art of a being a chocolatier. You will master how to mix, pipe, roll, enrobe and decorate your delights with toppings of your choice. All this, whilst sipping on some rather delicious, and very sweet chocolate martinis.

After you have finished making some scrumptious sweets, you will walk away with a gift bag full of up to forty luscious chocolates that you have created, as well as the plenty of recipes for you to try out in your own time. This activity is ideal to spend during the day at your hen weekend, it includes class, creativity and of course chocolate. So for all you chocoholics, it is definitely worth getting stuck into this fun chocolate making class!

What's Included

  • Fun and friendly teacher
  • Chocolate martinis
  • Understand how chocolate is made
  • Learn how to mix, pipe, roll, enrobe and decorate with a variety of toppings
  • Decorate up to 40 chocolates, which you can take home with you!
  • For all you chocolate lovers this on it for you!

Important Information

  • Length of activity: 2 hours
  • Venue: Included
  • Age restriction: No
  • ID required: No
  • Dress code: Comfortable
Chocolate Making is great for all age groups!
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