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How to find your perfect wedding dress: Finding your perfect wedding dress is a difficult task! It will require plenty of bridal shop visits, and searching around. The dress is obviously the most important part of your wedding day, and therefore it truly does need to be perfect. Here at the Hen Fairy, we have created  a guide that will help you find your perfect wedding dress.

Focus on finding the best wedding dress silhouette for you

The first thing to do, when finding your perfect wedding dress, is to first figure out the silhouette of the dress that works for you. Obviously, different body shapes means that different dresses look better, so find out what sort of dress suits you. It really is best to first focus on your personal style and what flatters you most and after that you can concentrate on the details of the dress.

Don’t forget about the top of your wedding dress.

People often forget that the top of the dress is what people will remember the most. After all most photographs of your wedding will be from the waist up. Therefore it is more important to focus on the top half more than the bottom.

Photograph wedding dresses options when searching for the perfect one

You should photograph all your dress possibilities instead of putting all your trust in the mirror. After all cameras don’t lie and you’ll be looking at the photos of this dress for years to come, so you should know how it photographs from all angles. Unfortunately some boutiques don’t actually allow dress photography, so call ahead to see if you can take a few snaps for decision-making purposes only.

What are the wedding dress trends for 2017?

Dresses are getting more and more adventurous as the years go on, and styles are definitely getting a lot more flamboyant. So many brides are stepping away from the more traditional,  stereotypical gowns and reaching for more the unique designs with their own little personal twists! Romantic lace dresses are also in and are a timeless favourite.

How to find your perfect wedding dress!

How much should I budget?

As a bride, it is important to budget your dress. You should always know your budget before you start to searching for the perfect gown. Wedding dresses usually range from £1000, whilst designer gowns are from £1500 and couture or bespoke gowns start from around £2000. If you are looking for bargain then you can opt for a wedding dress sample sale where you can find up to 70% off beautiful designer gowns. Or charity shops are the perfect way to find a beautiful dresses for affordable price.

To veil or not to veil?

Veils are a very personal choice for brides depending on how they want to complete their look. If you are going for sophistication and an elegant and understated look, a one tier long veil is a very popular choice, especially with modern classic brides. However, for brides who don’t the traditional path, bridal hats are becoming a more popular wedding statement. Veils also depend on the type of dress you are wearing, obviously they need to match u and look good together.

What are the most common dress mistakes?

The most common mistakes include trying on way too many wedding dresses, the best thing to do is if you love a dress and it is in your budget, get it and have it fitted to completely suit you. Also bringing too many people along when shopping for wedding dresses is a huge mistake, too many people can put you off on and not let you focus. Therefore, it is best to go only with a couple of people, such as your mum and closest friend. Buying a dress to please someone else is also a big no no, you should feel beautiful and comfortable in your dress, and have it completely to match your tastes, not somebody else’s. Another thing that should be avoided is trying to drop two sizes before your final fitting!

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