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So your best friend is getting married and they have asked you the big question! If you could be their chief bridesmaid! Congratulations, you are now officially qualified to plan out their hen party without them intervening! However, such a title, does come with great responsibility, and we all know how hectic a hen party can get from the film ‘Bridesmaids.’ But, fear not the Hen Fairy has created a stress free guide that will not only prepare yourself for being the being the world’s greatest chief bridesmaid, but also planning the most memorable hen party ever! Oh and don’t be surprised if you are asked to be chief bridesmaid more often!

Step 1:

The first step is planning, as chief bridesmaid you have to plan everything from the hen party, the bridesmaid dresses and the dress fittings! So organisation is key. To master the art of being chief bridesmaid, you will need to get yourself wedding magazines and hop online for some bridesmaids inspired blogs (such as the Hen Fairy’s hen blog). I personally, would also head over to pinterest to map out  your bridesmaids journey to the the big day.

Planning in advance is vital, so you will need to arrange dates you and you are fellow bridesmaids are free. You’ll also need to research into what the bride wants (as it is her day), so don’t get caught up planning a hen party for yourself. Therefore, you and your fellow bridesmaids need to work out what she would love, but don’t worry I’m sure she’ll give you some ‘hints.’

Top reasons why you should have a hen weekend!

Bride and her bridesmaids

Step 2:

This brings me onto my next step teamwork. You are not alone. You must work as a team to ensure that all of the brides needs are covered. This can be hard because very often, bridesmaids don’t really know each other or will need to put their differences aside. So it’s important to act like the the sophisticated adult you are and get on for the sake of the bride. You are not there to achieve self satisfaction, but to be part of a your best friend’s new chapter. So remember that before you start a bitch fight.


Four Hens at a Hen Do Enjoying a Drink

Group of partying girls clinking flutes with sparkling wine

Now that the importance of sticking together has been established, you will need to know what activities to focus on. You’ll need to prioritize, as there is a very long list of things to do. One thing you need to remember is that the chief bridesmaid is always there for the bride, which means that yes you will have to join your bezzie for the 100th (it will feel like that) wedding dress shopping spree if you have to. The wedding dress will be the most crucial thing for a bride so no making excuses that you’ve got the flu!

Step 3:

The second to last step to focus is on (YES you’ve guessed it) the hen party! As fun and exciting the hen party is, it can be very stressful ! You’ll need to plan the activities and the location of this exhilarating day/ weekend. I would personally recommend my hometown Brighton, as it is the capital of hen parties, and I’m sure the bride will be happily surprised with the seaside resort.  Next, you’ll need to plan out the activities, the most important thing is not to plan too much!

Hen parties are to have fun and relax, you don’t want to feel like you’ve ran a marathon after it! So it is probably best to start off the hen party with pampering to relax the bride and the bridesmaids. You could also have a Butlers with Bums Butler to host your pre drinks before you hit the town. Remember, you can have the fun at the hen party too, you deserve it! Also, don’t forget to purchase some hen party necessities, such as the classic blow up willy or willy straws.

Five Women Drinking Champagne Flutes

Step 4:

The final step is the brides big day, be sure you turn up on time and be her number one helper for all her needs. As trust me it will be an emotional rollercoaster. Before she does her grand entrance, the bride will be hidden from the guests and her future husband so anything that needs doing, you will be her first port of call. So get a good sleep the night before and wake up feeling good, because it’s going to be a long day. But no doubt an unforgettable one.

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