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The year of 2016 has been and gone and 2017 is here with some awesome Hen Party trends! Hen Parties are looking bolder, bigger and more sparkly as we head into this year and the trends are definitely getting a lot more quirkier. So, if you are having a hen party this year, it truly is the best time to have it, and if you are not, well you better find yourself a man to marry.


Here at the Hen Fairy, we have a put together a list of trends that will captivate you in the new year. These trends are from the grooviest activities to do in 2017 to the hottest outfits to flaunt when you’re out on the town. So, if you want the ultimate 2017 hen party, keep reading.


Life Drawings


These fab hen activities are seriously getting hotter and more popular with the hen partier.
Life drawings are truly one of the best hen activities out there, I mean the mix of hanging out with your besties, the presence of drop dead gorgeous man that goes absolutely stark naked and the flair of art! What more could you really want? This activities will truly add that pizazz to your hen celebrations, especially when you are stuck for ideas to do in the afternoon. They are branded as being a bit more classier than a stripper whilst still having that much-needed cheekiness for the hen party, Life drawings really are the hottest things to do for your hen party and especially a Butlers with Bums life drawing class. You and your girls will truly be taken back by the Butlers with Bums boys!

2017 trends


Sparkles and Glitter


With the love of glitter and shimmer in 2016, 2017 is only going to get more sparkly! The more sparkles and glitter on yourselves, the more fab the hen party. We truly have entered 2017 fixated in the shiny stuff. With Kylie Jenner’s metallic dress that captivated the world and Amy Adam’s black sequin gown at the Golden Globes, we definitely know the shiny sequin dresses are so going to be in this year. So it is absolutely worth thinking about focusing your whole 2017 hen do on the glittery stuff. You also don’t have to just wear sparkles, but highlighter is all the range at the moment and if you are like me, going crazy on the highlighter is a must.
You girls will truly be shining bright like diamonds if you go get yourself some gorgeous glittery highlight. You girls can even make a statement by piling on the body glitter. Gold glitter shimmer or body spray is really trending this year, so you and your girls can go all out and glisten on that dance floor. Obviously, we can’t forget the glittery nails, that look oh so fabulous. A glitter hen party, won’t only be the most sparkly and dazzling way to celebrate your hen, it will also be the trendiest!


Yoga/ Zen Hen Parties


If you and your girls are healthy hens, then a yoga or zen hen party will definitely be right up your street. These sort of hen parties have absolutely risen in popularity and the zen hen night trend sees the bride de-stressing before her big day by doing yoga and meditating. Zen hens will totally favour the spa over a traditional big night out, so this type of celebration isn’t for everyone. But, this alternative hen party trend is the perfect way to unwind and spend some much needed time with your best friends as you delve into yoga and relaxation.


Mobile Makeover


Mobile makeovers are becoming more and more popular and for good reason too! We all want to get glammed up before our big night out on the town, but the stress of going to the salon before having a night out is always a bit hectic. Mobile makeovers like Glo’s makeovers are the perfect solution. You can relax in the comfort of your property, whilst being able to chat properly to your friends and have pre drinks. They ultimately solve all of your problems whilst being a big trend in 2017.

Vintage makeover

Mobile Meals


The trends this year are definitely mobile services, and we at the Hen Fairy absolutely love them. Especially when it involves delicious restaurant style food delivered right at your door. These are so convenient for the hen partier, especially when you don’t want the hassle of going back out again after you have had dinner. This way you can enjoy quality food in the comfort of your accommodation spoilt with just the company of your friends. Pure perfection!
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